Mortality Title Screen
Welcome to Mortality: The Game!

  • To start a new game, click Play.
  • To change the difficulty, sound or music settings, click Settings.
  • To view the credits or high scores, click Extras.
  • To see a short description of the game, tap the title card.
Play Screenshot

  • New Game will begin a new game with current decks selected (US-Top Fears, US-Sampler, US-Top Killers)
  • To Select different decks and/or purchase an expansion deck, click Select Decks.
Select Decks
Select Decks

  • Select the checkboxes for the decks you would like to include in your game.
  • Click the blue question icon for more information about each deck.
  • To purchase an expansion deck, click the green plus icon. If you’ve installed on a new device, you can click Restore to get the expansion decks you have purchased on a previous device.

  • Click the speakers to toggle music and sound.
  • Select Normal or Hard difficulty (Hard has no “Close Enough” mechanic)
New Game

  • Drag the card on the left to the appropriate place in the risk ladder on the right.
  • Since All US Deaths is the first card, the first card will most likely be LOWER than that card.
More Card Info
More Info
You can tap a card–on the left or the right to display more info. This includes source information, a definition, and a link to find more information about all the calculations in this game.